Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Most dentistry looks like dentistry. Our goal is to provide dentistry that is undetectable. We replace existing crowns and fillings with restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth.

When a tooth has sustained significant damage through decay, fracture or other disease, a filling cannot adequately repair the tooth. Often times a more permanent, stable restoration is recommended to strengthen the tooth and protect it from further damage. Inlays, onlays and crowns are all restorations that can serve this purpose; the main difference between them is the amount of tooth structure that needs to be protected. Inlays are placed within the walls of the tooth; onlays are placed to cross over one or more sides of the tooth; and a crown completely covers the tooth. All of these restorations are fabricated by a laboratory and can be made of porcelain, gold or a combination of both. The material that is selected is dependent upon the individual patient’s needs. Because these restorations are made outside the mouth, they can be composed of far more durable materials than fillings, and therefore last much longer.

How long does it take?

Placing a crown requires at least two visits to our office. Initially, we will prepare the tooth and place a tooth colored temporary crown.

On the subsequent visit, we will remove the temporary crown and then try in and adjust the final crown.  Once you are completely satisfied with the esthetics of the crown and the fit has been confirmed, we will cement the crown into place and you will have a new beautiful looking, functional tooth.

Key Benefits

  • Replaces missing teeth 
  • Offers support to misshapen teeth or badly broken teeth 
  • Looks completely natural 
  • Fixes “smile” and functional chewing problems.

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